Investing for Growth in Regional Victoria: Advocacy Priorities 2019-2022

RCV has finalised its advocacy platform for 2019-2022.

Investing for Growth in Regional Victoria is a cohesive set of priorities that will grow and strengthen regional communities, and maximise regional liveability.

RCV is calling on all sides of politics to commit to these important initiatives that will help bring jobs, investment, business and skilled workers to regional Victoria.

Our vision

Regional prosperity and enhanced liveability through sustainable growth.

Our mission

To develop and advocate for policies that invest equitably and sustainably in regional cities to support a growing Victoria.

Our objectives

  • Attract a diverse workforce, including skilled and semi-skilled workers to fill a wide range of long-term vacancies; and unskilled labour to meet seasonal demand.
  • Attract new businesses as local economies diversify and transition to new industries; and work to sustain existing economies.
  • Support skills development and training in regional cities to grow the local workforce and retain young workers.
  • Secure equitable investment in infrastructure and services to support population growth, strengthen regional industry, and improve liveability in regional cities.
  • Improve transport connectivity between regional cities.
  • Improve transport connectivity to and from Melbourne.
  • Strengthen financial performance of regional local governments and identify new financing opportunities.


More information about RCV’s advocacy priorities for 2019-2022 can be viewed here.