2020-21 State Budget Submission: Investing for Growth in Regional Victoria

Regional Cities Victoria has released its 2020-21 State Budget Submission: Investing for Growth in Regional Victoria

Victoria’s 10 largest regional cities are calling on the State Government to invest in key priorities across areas spanning infrastructure, business investment and attraction, skills and labour, digital connectivity, transport, waste management and local government financing.

These priorities include:

  • Increased funding for additional rail services, maintenance, upgrades, and replacement coaches across the regional rail network
  • A long-term investment of $400 million over four years in the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, and a continued focus on the whole-of-government approach to regional development and delivery
  • Funding to showcase the jobs, business and investment opportunities available across the state, through a public campaign
  • A further investment of $100 million in digital and telecommunications infrastructure through the Connecting Regional Communities Program
  • Dedicated funding to implement the integrated regional transport plans across both passenger and freight networks (including inland ports)
  • The release of unspent funds in the Sustainability Fund to support councils managing the current recycling crisis
  • A $2 million commitment to establish the proposed Treasury Shared Service model, supporting the RCV business case.


Download a copy of Regional Cities Victoria’s 2020-21 State Budget Submission here.