Regional Cities Victoria

Who is RCV?

RCV comprises Mayors and CEOs of the 10 largest cities in regional Victoria. The group meets bi-monthly and is chaired by a host council which is voted to the position annually.

RCV is an alliance of regional cities dedicated to achieving real change in regional Victoria through policy development and active implementation of those policies.

Regional cities are the heart of regional Victoria and by improving their infrastructure and liveability, regional cities can help to grow and support wider regional and rural communities.

The RCV Vision

Building a sustainable Victoria through regional growth.

Our Objectives

  • Continue to play an important role in the development of strategies that benefit regional and rural Victoria and inform government policy
  • Develop long-term policy positions that support and encourage the growth of regional Victoria in its own right, that develop the regions as a viable alternative to metropolitan Melbourne, and that encourage, enable and support government to deliver these policies
  • Improve the infrastructure and liveability of regional cities through development of quality services, amenities and transport networks in order to promote economic development in regional and rural communities
  • Encourage new industries and increase workforce capacity and employment opportunities in regional cities
  • Continue to build awareness of RCV within government, media, business and RCV communities
  • Maintain a reputation for well-considered and evidenced-based positions